About Us

The Institute of Mental Health aims to provide you with the best education on mental health, help you look out for yourself and support others to heal from within. We provide training for you to become a compassionate and caring individual with empathy and excellent interpersonal skills. All the courses are created with professionalism by industry experts to assist you in creating a strong understanding of mental health.


We dream of creating a world where you can voice your mental struggle and heal from it with the utmost care. We want to help you understand the know-how of mental well-being and make you educated to listen to others without judging and extending your hand to bring them out from the black hole of misery.


Our motto is to diminish the stigma of mental illness and prepare you to better the mental health of yourself, your friends, family, colleagues or any individual that seeks help from you. We create all of our courses with expert advice and tested methods that will empower your psychological literacy, allowing you to thrive as a mental health support worker. We want you to join our venture to make mental health as important as physical health!