Certified Family Trauma Professional

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021

Course Overview:

Take a new approach to provide quality care when responding to childhood trauma. Share your wisdom to advise families about how to care for their children from the root level. Children are in constant contact with childhood traumas these days, and a family trauma therapist is vital in helping the children cope with the psychological damage from trauma by providing guidance to parents. This life-saving Certified Family Trauma Professional course equips you with all the fundamental skills required to instruct families on interacting with their traumatised children in the most efficient way. The expert advice you provide will allow the families to go after the core of their child’s problem and help them guide their children through their obstacles effectively. Enrol now and serve a valuable role in improving the lives of innocent, traumatised children.

Learning Outcomes:

This highly-acclaimed Certified Family Trauma Professional course is a fantastic opportunity for you to upgrade your skills. You will:
  • Understand the responsibilities of the provider
  • Gain the skills to create safety and stability within families
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the body based trauma and regulation
  • Deepen your understanding of dysfunction and traumatic family patterns
  • Be able to assess family trauma and ethics in family trauma therapy
  • Know how trauma from a family perspective is related to Traumagenesis than to specific events

Who is this course for:

Anyone with a knack of learning mental health can do well in this Certified Family Trauma Professional course. It is undoubtedly a source of help to career advancement in the long run

Career Path:

This Certified Family Trauma Professional course is ideal to anyone looking to establish a career in this field. It includes the following professions:
  • Family Trauma Therapist
  • Children Support Worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

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