Introduction to Mental Health Care (MCA & DOLS)

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021


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Course Overview

To work in the mental health care sector, you must know the Mental Health Capacity Acts and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in detail. This comprehensive Introduction to Mental Health Care (MCA & DOLS) is your ultimate guide to a better understanding of helping people who can not make their decisions and need assistance. You will know the major principles of MCA and get an insight into the concept of DOLS. The course will help you to make profitable decisions for the people who need your help and ensure their care arrangements. Enrol today and prepare yourself to work better in the mental health care sector with altruism!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the principles of MCA
  • Know what is DOLS
  • Learn to implement the Mental Capacity Acts
  • Gain skills to help those who can not make their own decisions
  • Be able to make the right decision in their interest
  • Ensure care arrangement for them in a care home or hospital

13 sections

    Mock Exam: Mental Health Care (MCA & DOLS)

    Final Exam: Mental Health Care (MCA & DOLS)

Course Review


Nicely presented all the things and worked excellently in my case! Have come to know a lot of essential and crucial issues on MCA and DOLS.


Packed with a lot of helpful things to be considered in MCA & DOLS. It was an excellent involvement, and learning was fun there. Thanks!


Superbly covered all the essentials! Critical issues were well explained too.


Being an ongoing service person in the mental health sector, learning about Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards was crucial. It was a beneficial course for me.


Well structured and well-explained modules. Covered a range of required issues on mental health. Definitely, it was a great help for me!