Understanding Psychology of Anxiety and Stress

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021


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Course Overview

The greatest weapon against stress and anxiety is awareness and the ability to choose to fight it rather than suffering. Ensure sound mental health for yourself and others by knowing the A-Z of stress and anxiety with this Understanding Psychology of Anxiety and Stress course. This course will give you tips and tricks to cope up with your work and personal stresses. You will know about the different criteria of psychological disorders - generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder and social anxiety. Through this course, you will understand the need for a healthy diet and fitness routine to manage negative emotions; and be able to manage anxiety and stress successfully. Enrol today and be the helping hand for yourself, your friends and family and paying clients to deal with stress and anxiety.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Familiarise the concept of stress and anxiety
  • Know what can cause it
  • Understand the importance of preventing stress and anxiety
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Be able to maintain a healthy diet
  • Understand the need to be fit to avoid anxiety

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Course Review


Understanding psychology has always been my passion. After completing this course I am now aware about the ins and bits of anxiety and stress. As this course also provided me knowledge about managing anxiety and stress, my mental health will now be taken care of. Thanks a lot!


With help of this course I got an extensive knowledge about anxiety awareness. This course also made me encouraged to fight it rather than giving up. I am very grateful for this course. Highly recommended to all those who are suffering from anxiety related troubles!


Due to stress & anxiety I was often passing sleepless night. This course helped a lot to overcome those traumatic night!!


It's a good course to start off with the basics of anxiety and stress. The contents were too much informative which caused a little weariness but all in all it was good.