Certificate in Mental Health First Aid

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021


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Course Overview

Mental health first aid is as crucial as physical health first aid. Be the sunshine in darkness and extend your hand to help your friends, family and colleagues who are developing or suffering from a psychological disorder by being their first point of contact. Gain the necessary knowledge of mental illness first aid through the Certificate in Mental Health First Aid program. You can save so many people from suffering alone by being a mental health first aider. Learn how to notice and identify early symptoms of psychological dysfunctionality and provide help accordingly! Start your learning journey today and be the support in need to people with mental illnesses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the underlying cause of mental health first aid
  • Become the first point of contact for your friends, family or colleagues
  • Develop excellent verbal communication and connect with the sufferers
  • Be able to listen actively and maintain confidentiality
  • Know how to counsel and motivate

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Course Review


This is a very enlightening course! Knowing about metal health support is just as important as physical health. This course covers all the basics for enlightening everybody about mental health first aid. Highly recommended!


Such an amazing course!!!!! I never knew there can such wonderful lesson about mental health first aid! It's really as important as first aid for physical injury. Highly recommended for all type of people.


Indeed it's a great course. It helped me to easily capture the essential knowledge needed for mental health first aid. With this certificate finally I can apply to my dream job. Thanks to the instructor.


I've always told my friends that I'm horrible at consoling when they're having mental issues. But it's really important to know about mental first aid for at least taking care of our close ones. Thanks to the course.