Fundamentals of Mental Health and Psychiatric Disorders

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021


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Course Overview

To deal with mental dysfunctionalities, you need to know how to differentiate between mental health and mental illness. Learn the several aspects of mental well-being and know about various mental illnesses with this exclusive Fundamentals of Mental Health and Psychiatric Disorders course. It will help you understand psychological issues a person can suffer from and allow you to support them with expert knowledge. This effective course will help you develop the skills to maintain your own mental health from the lessons. It will provide you with tips and tricks you can implement in your daily life to better your psychological being. You will get introduced to mental disorders like anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, depression, and many more through the course, offering you to know how to help people suffering from these ailments. Give mental health importance as much as your physical health. Enrol in this course, take a step forward to that goal, and help people including yourself, for a better mental being.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the difference between mental health and mental illness
  • Familiarise different types of psychological disorders
  • Learn about anxiety and depression
  • Be able to identify the cause of a person's mental illness
  • Enhance your listening abilities and make others feel heard
  • Gain the capabilities to counsel

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Course Review


Exquisite course! The course was arranged accordingly so there was hardly any confusion. There was plenty of information about disorders and fundamentals; which was really helpful.


Amazing course content. Helped me a lot in identifying my anxiety, knowing the causes and it did introduce me with different ways to deal with my stress and anxiety. Would 100% suggest it to anyone looking for a course to help deal with their anxiety


This course helped to understand having mental disorder & being lunatic are not the same thing. Everyone should try these type of course to be aware of mental health & disorder.


A very beginner friendly course. It provided me with the core knowledge of mental health. Good for beginners.


The course provided information about psychic disorders but only the basics were covered. Otherwise the provided stats and charts were up to date and the instructors were really helpful. It was a good experience!