Level 5 Certificate in Mental Health Nursing

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021


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Course Overview

Start from where you are and use what you have to help people with mental health disorders. Get started with this complete Level 5 Certificate in Mental Health Nursing course and be the hero to save those who are suffering in silence! This inclusive course will appropriately train you to be an effective team member of doctors, social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists working with mental health. You will improve your people skills with expert tips and tricks, connecting with patients to make them feel at ease. The course process will help you support people suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and many other psychological dysfunctionalities. Enrol today and take the first step forward to be part of a profession that serves humanity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of mental health awareness and nourishment
  • Get introduced to assisting mental health support workers and arrange nursing requirements
  • Know how to connect with patients and make them feel heard and comfortable
  • Learn how to deal with a patient’s family and document medical condition
  • Be able to motivate and encourage patients for therapies
  • Supervise patients activities and progresses

12 sections

Course Review


Excellent learning opportunity! Blessed with some good knowledge.


Definitely, it would be a great help for anyone interested in gaining knowledge in this field! Unforgettable experience of learning about mental health issues.