Trauma Treatments For Children

  • Last Update : 28/02/2021

Course Overview:

No child should be traumatised or harmed in any way. Let’s work together with the traumatised children to help bring a smile to their fearful faces. This course uses the best instructional techniques to provide you with the broadest and most up-ranging knowledge of trauma treatment for children. You will ascertain the several ways in which physical trauma manifests in the body and will be able to acknowledge the body-based treatment approach for treating the traumatised children. Gain the privilege to save children from harm by enrolling right now!

Learning Outcomes:

This super handy Trauma Treatments For Children course is an excellent opportunity for you to progress your skills. You will:
  • Show your understanding of the bottom up, body base approach in trauma clients
  • Increase interoceptive awareness in body based trauma
  • Deepen your understanding of trauma treatment for children
  • Strengthen your knowledge of body-based interventions and how to bring the body into the present
  • Be able to explain the physical effects of trauma on the body
  • Know how to explore the key concepts of trauma training with a training handout and a training PowerPoint presentation

Who is this course for:

Anyone who has a thirst for learning new skills can do well in this Trauma Treatments For Children course. It is undoubtedly a source of help to career advancement in the long run.

Career Path:

This Trauma Treatments For Children course is ideal to anyone looking to establish a career in this field. It includes the following professions:

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